Botanical beauty born from our South East Asian roots that heal & nourish your skin.

Skincare is deeply personal.

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Imagine silky, flawless, glowing skin that gives back with every purchase.


A synthesis of ancient pharmacopoeia and modern science. Li Organics is botanically inspired, handcrafted, science confirmed products that love your skin.

Our Story

Liquid Amber-my go to every night!

"Liquid Amber is magic! It smells divine, like I'm having a spa treatment every morning & night. But it's the way it works on my skin that keeps me buying it! It's made my skin look brighter & its worth every cent because a drop goes a long way. I made the mistake of not ordering more after running out once and my skin missed it so much, I'm never making that mistake again!"

Xandria Ooi [Author, Speaker, & Host]

Charcoal Scrub-best thing ever for my skin!

"Coming from South Africa, where "men" and "skin care" tend not to be mentioned in the same sentence, I was surprised by how my face felt after using the Charcoal Scrub. It felt incredibly soft and smooth after and I now use this product every morning and will never go without it again!"

James Berman from New York [CFO at CBX]

Palmarosa Revival Mist

"The Palmarosa Face Mist and toner is the best spray I've ever used! Physically it feels great, but there's also something spiritually energetic about breathing it in. It totally takes away a mid-day slump feeling and makes me feel like I can focus and breathe easier.  It smells and feels amazing!"

Alyssa Shapiro [Writer, Photographer, and Creator of One Joint With]

Younger Every Day

"I've been using Liquid Amber and the Rice Pebble mask for a few months now and my age spots are actually slowly disappearing! And I love how my skin soaks up Liquid Amber like a sponge and keeps it so supple!"

Catherine Lam [Malaysia, 65 and retired]

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