Beyond Skincare

Project Orphans x Li Organics


     We realize that life is short and time often flies by too quickly. At Li Organics, we want to look back with gladness in our hearts on how we spent our time and resources. We believe that beauty begins in our hearts and minds, and we are seeking to give children a better self worth and hope for a brighter future through education.

    For every purchase made at Li Organics, we give a portion of our profits to help provide education, tuition, books, meals, and school uniforms to children through our partnership with Project Orphans.

    Thank you with all our hearts for helping these children stand tall and have hope for a brighter future.

    Take the first step to visibly radiant and nourished skin and join us in making a beautiful difference in a child’s life today.


Li Organics Team 




“Education is such a wonderful tool that can be used to help make a positive change in our world in so many ways; by reducing poverty and disease, empowering children and giving them joy, and improving future generations after. On a deeply personal level, it transformed my life by opening up a gateway of possibilities and dreams that I never would have otherwise imagined.”