10% For A Brighter Tomorrow


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We realize that life is short and time often flies by too quickly. Here at Li Organics, we want to look back with gladness in our hearts on how we spent our time and resources. Together we all exist on this incredible planet that has given us a bounty of endless gifts, so it gives us great joy to share it with others who have less.

Every time a purchase is made, 10% of profits go directly to providing an education to children living in poverty, so together we can help a child free themselves from poverty and pave their way to a brighter, better tomorrow for themselves.

We believe that education is something that can never be taken away from a human being. Once obtained, education is a pathway and a tool that carries into a future of great possibilities.


“Education is such a wonderful tool that can be used to help make a positive change in our world in so many ways; by reducing poverty and disease, empowering children and giving them joy, and improving future generations after. On a deeply personal level, it transformed my life by opening up a gateway of possibilities and dreams that I never would have otherwise imagined.”