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Q&A with Our Founder, Li


Q: Does the world Need Another Skin Care Brand?

Carolyn Li Ming Geh (Li):  Yes! I created Li Organics out of pure necessity.

Ever since I was a child, growing up in Malaysia, my skin has been incredibly sensitive. I often had wild and frequent reactions to everything from bug bites, to dairy products.

In college, when I moved to Canada, my skin sensitivities worsened. I tried everything I could to fix them, from cleanses and detoxes, to dermatologist prescribed steroid pills and ointments, and even expensive skincare products. Nothing worked.

In the end, I had to create skincare solutions for myself. It took time with a lot of experimenting and trying different things. What I finally arrived at was a nourishing combination of ancient traditions and modern science.

Q: What Specific Skin Problems Did You Have?

Li: Over the years, I learned that my skin was a reflection of my overall health. Whenever my body was rejecting something, my skin was the first to react — whether it was new beauty products, gluten in food, or even medicine.

I would have severe pain, days-long eczema outbreaks, and at one point I even had a side effect of epithelial thinning (thinning skin) due to corticosteroid cream.

Q: And As You Were Dealing With Your Skin Issues, You Started Modeling, Right?

Li: That’s right. I never dreamed that I would become a model, but while I was getting my Masters Degree in Neuromechanics, I was unexpectedly scouted to be a double for a television show, and that eventually lead to a contract with a top modeling agency in New York.

All of a sudden I was doing magazine photo shoots, runway shows, advertising campaigns, and a lot of traveling. I would be going from one full face of makeup to the next. So prioritizing my skincare became even more difficult and even more important.

Thankfully, I was also working with the top makeup artists in the industry, so I had endless conversations about beauty, skincare and nutrition.    

Q: So What Finally Worked?

Li: In the end, I had to go back to my roots. Growing up in a tropical paradise, I always knew that nature and health were directly correlated. I also had a mother and grandmother who knew generations of nature-based beauty secrets, that they shared with me. 🙌🏻

I decided to learn as much as I could about naturopathic medicine, organic-based nutrition, and natural skin care, and I began experimenting in a lab (with skilled chemists), just like I had done in college.

I finally found a combination of various essential oils, traditional remedies, and herbal distillations that my skin soaked up like a sponge. My face and body began to heal and glow again. Friends and family started to comment on the changes they noticed too. Pretty quickly, everyone started asking if they could buy the mixtures that I was creating.  

Q: Do You Actually Make Any of Your Products in SouthEast Asia?

Li: We do! Southeast Asia is blessed with fertile volcanic and alluvial soils, abundant rainfall, and generous sunshine, making it a spectacular treasure chest of plant ingredients. Plants like guava fruit, turmeric root, cajeput, tamanu, vetiver, rice, and coconut are some of the ingredients that we are proud to include in our formulas.

We also get to support local communities on the island of Penang in Malaysia, where our products are handcrafted in small batches using time-tested, traditional methods. We take no shortcuts to create the best product possible.


Q: What Is Your Hope With Li Organics?

Li: It’s an honor to share Li Organics with the world. These products are the very best nature and our traditions have to offer, and I hope they nourish and make everyone who uses them look and feel even more beautiful than they already are.

My promise is that we will never compromise on the quality, source, or safety of our ingredients, and you’ll certainly see that in the results!

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