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After the long weekend, summer fever is definitely strong and contagious for spending evenings outside drinking rose and exploring hot new spots. I love lounging on a breezy eve catching up with friends, but the late nights, too many crisp drinks and makeup take their toll on my skin. I’ve been needing a detox like no other, and I always consult with my friend who doubles as my health guru who vets the latest natural cures – from Bentonite Clay Masks to turmeric elixirs. So when she waxed poetic about the amazing detoxing powers of charcoal, I raced to find it in the most pure and nourishing form to get it on my deeply needy skin. I am obsessed with boutique brand Li Organics to get the job done, luxe style, and their Obsidian Renewal Scrub hits the spot. Sparkling black charcoal is nestled in an unctuous bed of shea butter, sweet almond, coconut, and olive oils. Activated charcoal naturally draws out bacteria, toxins, chemicals, and dirt, fighting acne and perfecting complexion. Clogged pores don’t stand a chance against charcoal, and its massive absorptive properties eat up impurities leaving clarified skin. The Obsidian Renewal Scrub can double as a mask, maximizing the benefits of charcoal along with Cajeput, an astringent healing oil, Turmeric for anti-inflammatory properties and taming redness, and raw sugar for exfoliation and deep penetration. The ritual of applying the scrub is soothing in itself, as I use circular motions to rhythmically massage the rich formula in, contemplating the repair happening on a cellular level. The fresh minty vibes double as calming aromatherapy. I am left which miraculously smooth skin, all done through pure and natural means of detoxing, loads better than downing a green juice!


Immediately after pampering myself with the Obsidian Renewal Scrub while my face is still slightly damp, I turn to Li Organics’ liquid gold to lock in moisture and nurture skin. The Liquid Amber Face Oil is a magnificent distillation of nourishing, potent botanical compounds, each chosen for its ability to heal and balance. While I used to eschew oils for fear of causing acne via blockages, I use them now almost exclusively for concentrated essentials unfettered by additives, water, and other chemicals and have not had a problem with breakouts. The Li Organics Liquid Amber is uber-rich yet absorbs quickly, and it takes just two pumps to cover my face and one more for my neck. My thirsty skin drinks up the 16 different plant oils which I massage in while taking care to sweep under my eyes and up towards my temples. I love using the oil at night so my skin can benefit from the antioxidants and nourishment as I sleep. Vetiver, isolated from a tropical plant, is naturally calming and works to erase scars and promote new growth. The anti-inflammatory properties of Tamanu work wonders on skin while healing acne and breakages by regenerating new skin cells. I love the taste of Guava, and it also works magic on skin through linoleic acid which fortifies the skin’s barrier, fending off UV rays and air pollutants such as smoke, both of which lead to wrinkles and aging. A shot of Vitamin C is always good for the body and also for the face, which comes in the form of Seabuckthorn Berry extract. Finally for scars, hyperpigmentation and dryness, Neroli comes to the rescue and is also naturally anti-bacterial. A few weeks of detox has worked wonders and readied my skin for the summer months. I wake up each morning with a glow and healthy clear skin, feeling fresh and invincible.

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