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Whats Included

Obsidian Renewal Charcoal Scrub
50g / 1.7 oz

 Lift off and effectively remove the build up of dead skin cells and toxins to reveal clean, luminous, silky smooth skin. This antioxidant rich formula penetrates deeply to repair accumulation caused by daily environmental stress.


Palmarosa Revival Face Mist

100ml/ 3.3 fl oz

Palmarosa Revival Mist is your stand alone speedy rescuer while on your long distance journey, at your desk, or in the early morning, giving you immediate hydration while allowing little antioxidant saturated moisture beads to be imparted straight into your skin. Can also be paired with the Radiating Rice Pebble Mask to create a face mask.

* To do so, spritz several pumps of Palmarosa Revival Face Mist onto several Rice Pebbles onto the palm of your hand until it dissolves into a paste. Spread over your face and allow to dry for 20-60 minutes before washing off. 


Liquid Amber Face Oil Concentrate
30ml/ 1 fl oz


Nourish and feed your skin with this abundantly rich and concentrated serum that imparts nourishing, powerful botanical compounds onto your skin. Its capacity to heal, redefine, balance, and nourish your skin at the cellular level stems from 16 different plant oils, each chosen for its uniquely bioavailable and plant powered healing properties.


Radiating Rice Pebble Mask

50g/ 1.7 oz

Using a time tested, science confirmed ancient beauty tradition, whole grain fermented rice is combined with lemongrass, key lime, patchouli, and peppermint to penetrate the skin while healing it from hyperpigmentation, blemishes, and UV damage. This beautifying mask resurrects your skin, bringing back its youthful rosy glow and even tone.

* For further information on each specific product, how to use, and ingredients, please do visit the individual product pages. 😘