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Southeast Asia, a region that is richly laced with stunning agricultural diversity, mountainous plains, river deltas, and a broad range of temperatures from tropical in the lowlands to temperate in the highlands is the origin of where many of our ingredients are born.
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Growing up in Malaysia was very much like growing up in a tropical paradise and it was always a wonder to admire to no end the broad range of topographic conditions, from flat alluvial valleys and coastal plains in the lowlands to undulating terrain, hills, and mountains in the uplands and highlands

Most of Southeast Asia is in the humid tropics and yet it is blessed with fertile volcanic and alluvial soils. The entire region experiences abundant rainfall, generous sunshine, and is widely spread with healthy soil structure. The land in this region also contain largely acid to neutral pH soils which have the best conditions for nutrient availability and are suitable for most plant life. All of these things give way to a truly spectacular treasure chest of plant ingredients for our formulas. Plants like guava fruit, turmeric root, cajeput, tamanu, vetiver, rice, coconut are some of the ingredients that we are proud to include in our products.